China is becoming world’s major electric vehicles production base

China will soon become the world’s major production base of electric vehicles, more and more car manufacturers have made strategy of developing electric vehicles in the Chinese market.

“China’s lithium battery industry is becoming the world’s strongest,” said Simon Morse, general manager of the UK’s benchmark mining intelligence (a company that collects price data and evaluates the supply chain for the lithium battery industry). He recently said in an interview with the Chinese media that there are very large lithium battery factories, most of the new lithium battery production capacity concentrated in China.

Simon Moore said that although the ultra-large lithium battery factory began in Tesla, but China’s lithium battery production giants such as BYD, new energy (ATL) and Lishen’s 70% new factories are located in China.

He also said that we also see that Japanese and Korean battery manufacturers are also building super-giant factories in China. China’s lithium battery production in 2020 will reaches to 62% of the world.

According to the British benchmark mining information, China’s lithium battery factory production capacity is currently 16.4 GWh, by 2020 the total output will reach 107.5 GWh.

The increasement in demand for electric vehicles, the Government strengthen the requirements of energy-saving lamps and other factors such as hoverboard and other smart electric scooter consumes more and more battery,have contributed to the development of lithium battery market.

“The global market is experiencing rapid changes,from smaller battery vehicles moving towards large electric cars.” “The increase in electric bicycles in China is also an important factor, and gasoline engine cars are being replaced by electric cars,” Morse said.

He also said if after full charge a car can run 230 miles (about 370 km), and the price is reasonable, then the electric car market really ushered in a great development period. He predicted that three years later this period will come.

Moore said investing in lithium batteries and working with major technology companies to build new types of electric vehicles is very important to China and will keep China in a leading position.

“China may become the world ‘s leading Chinese electric car and Western brands of electric car production base, in the cooperation basis, China will firmly seize this opportunity.”

Why electric car

Ford has just announced the development of electric vehicle strategy in China. Ford Motor plans to move 70 percent of electric vehicles to China by 2025.

Reported that Tesla 7 billion USD turnover in 2016, while 1 billion USD achieve in China, the company president said several years later China will account for the company’s largest global sales share.

Volkswagen’s president recently said that their new I.D. electric car take into account the Chinese market during design. The company plans to sell more than 1 million electric cars yearly before 2025.

At the same time. Chinese electric car maker BYD has an impact in the US market, they are selling electric buses and electric trucks to customers. BYD is supported by US investors Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway.

Automotive industry analysts believe that the reasons for the development of China’s electric car market mainly for two main factors. One is the expansion of the surplus population in the Chinese population, and they want to drive luxury cars such as Tesla, because these car can be more durable, powerful, and eyesight attracting.Another is the population distribution factor. More and more Chinese population flood into large cities, enjoy the better education and training there, farmers flood into large cities to get employment. These people need means of transport besides railways and buses , and small electric cars such as electric bicycles and balance scooters are more suitable for them to use in crowded cities.

Robot scooter automatically follow owner and help carrying things

Are you still worrying about carry clothes and goods after shopping ?A newly developed robot scooter can help you.

Piaggio Fast Forward, a robot company belongs to Italy motorcycle manufacturer Piaggio, has developed an new automatic transport robot- Gita. Gita means “short trip” in Italy.

Gita is a dedicated robot scooter used to carry maximum 18kg things, it is very easy to use, you only need put things into it,Gita will follow your waling step automatically.

Automatically follow function requires the user wearing a white belt on the body, with the camera on the belt,Gita can identify the owner, under the technology of synchronous positioning and mapping, it can create a 3D point Cloud map according to the user’s walking path. It is As long as Gita walking from a path once, Gita will be able to remember the route and automatic travel next time.
robot scooter automatic follow its owners walking steps
It can also have a lot of other usage, for example, when you play digital games it can help you go downstairs and buy beers;get courier for you; to help you deliver something and so on. It can walk 8 hours after being charged for 3 hours.

After completion of the task, gita will find a quiet corner itself for itself and waiting for command from user.

Gita was exhibited in Massachusetts,Boston on Feb 2017 without setting a target price. Piaggio said that Gita is still under testing this year.After perfect testing, they will be listed on the market soon.

World’s lightest folding electric kick scooter in 2017

Recently,electric kick scooter has been very popular,many electric scooters manufacturer have been developing various new styles.Today,we would like to introduce the world’s lightest folding electric kick scooter-Linky.

Linky is a powerful folding electric kick scooter, can be put away into a backpack. Rider can use it in cities to go to work or for travel. its weights only 4.9 kg.

View from the appearance,it is a very small and cool electric kick scooter.After folding its size is only equivalent to a laptop. For fashion travel liker, carrying it for holiday resort can be so cool.

It can be folded. Linky adopts patented folding design, folding and open is so easy. The design team is racking their brains to ensure that the system is durable and powerful.

The entire electric kick scooter weights only 4.9 kg because it use carbon fiber and bamboo mixed material for scooter deck.

The Linky electric kick scooter is very strong, you can steering in high speed, Linky can flexibly deal with it. The electric kick scooter wheels diameter is 83cm which has been proved can provide the best user experience for this design.

Linky meets airway regulations. Electric kick scooter power system supports BMS technology which can manage the battery charging and discharge process, to ensure the battery safety, so that the battery has the longest life span. The battery is in compliance with the IATA regulations and can be carried onto the airplane.

Linky adopt fast charging technology. Only need 30 minutes to fulfilled to 85% of the battery capacity,and its driving mileage up to 15 km.
In addition Linky’s waterproof rating reached IP65. User can ride it even on the road with surface water.

There is a LED head light in the front side, user can ride it even in the evening. Linky was controlled by Bluetooth remote control.User accelerating and braking by the Bluetooth remote control.
Its general technical specifications as below:
Drving mileage: 15 km
Maximum load: 160 kg
Maximum speed: 30 km/h
Battery parameters: 100Wh lithium ion battery
Wheel diameter: 83mm deck
Deck thickness: 6 mm
Opening Size: 800x280x120 mm
Folding Size: 400x280x120 mm

Linky currently has been in fund raising process,its target price is 749USD/piece,you can expect to receive it on April 2017.

Liky electric kick scooter: killer for city traffic jam

Most people living in the city have been facing the headache of traffic jam, then what should be done to resolve such a problem? Let the Liky city electric kick scooter to show its mettle.

Seamless access to various transport vehicles

Liky electric kick scooter has a small size compared to cars and other travel equipment, so even various narrow trails can pass freely,facing of congested urban traffic, it can not be affected by and flexible walk through. Compared with similar products, Liky electric kick scooter models seems more slim, and as the frame can be foldable, it weights only 13.5kg , the electric kick scooter can carry, and bring onto the bus, subway,private cars and other travel equipment, it can be seamlessly connected to other long distance travel tools so it can make up the disadvantage of the electric kick scooters can only deal with short distance travel, so that travel routes become more flexible and efficient.

Liky electric kick scooter

More effort than walking

Liky electric kick scooter equipped with motor and battery pack, maximum driving speed up to 25km/h, climbing angle of 15 degree, 8 inch front and rear wheel design able to deal with most of the city traffic. From the bus station to home, home to the nearby community supermarkets and so on short distance travel scenarios, with Liky electric kick scooter,you don’t need to experience the fatigue of walking any more, and can save most of the time, do more with less time.

Comfortable experience

More portable design may affect the scooter’s riding experience, in this regard, Liky electric kick scooters has been taken relative balance in the R & D process , even with the compact design, we still do careful handling for the details to ensure the comfort using experience. First of all, most of its folding joints adopt the hidden design to ensure the beautiful outer appearance of, in the actual folding operation is also very simple and does not need to spend too much effort, so complete folding process only takes a few seconds . Secondly, its handle bar adopt adjust height design to suit for different riders, and also made convex design at the top of handle bar , the arm can be extended with greater space to ensure comfort . In order to deal with the safety of night riding, Liky electric kick scooter was designed with front and rear lights, the front is high intensity LED headlamps, in the rear with smart taillights which can automatically light up during brakes to remind the rear pedestrians,to ensure safety.

Compact, portable, practical, more comfortable riding experience, so that the Liky electric kick scooter, is very suitable and good choice for urban traffic jam nowadays. Of course, not only convenient for the trip ,at the same time it can also highlight the riders own personality, is it a unique fashion life advocates.

Mercury Dynamic M1 three wheels folding electric kick scooter

On December 7 2016, smart scooter manufacturer Mercury Dynamic from Beijing launched a new electric power scooter – Mercury M1 in the Jingdong fund rasing platform to meet consumers. This product dropped the industrial “public model” of common two wheels system, and innovative adopt three wheel reverse chassis system, a significant improvement of security and handling performance of emerging electric kick scooter.

Mercury Dynamic M1 three wheels folding electric kick scooter

As we all know, the triangle is the most stable geometry, but limited to the size and portability factors, the past electric scooters rarely used this triangle structure. Mercury Dynamic M1 chassis system is made of high strength die casting aluminum alloy, processing accuracy reaches 0.01 mm, the maximum load up to 100 kg. In order to solve the problem of volume increasing by three wheeled chassis, Mercury Dynamic designers have developed a new folding system – through the multi function connecting rod in the middle of the chassis, with pulling and folding movements the scooter can be quickly folded and unfolded. After the folding, the Mercury Dynamic M1 can be dragged as easily as a small suitcase to enter narrow subways, elevators, etc., and can easily be placed in the trunk of normal car.

In addition to the innovation on the chassis and folding system, the Mercury Dynamic M1 shock absorber system also refreshing people’s imagination for this type of product . The front damping system uses double wishbone suspension structure – this structure has excellent turning support, in the past this system mainly used for Ferrari, Maserati and other sports cars. Combined with a lot of high technology perfect in one, fully demonstrated the ability of Mercury Dynamic in innovation and system integration.

Hyundai IONIQ electric kick scooter showed in 2017 CES

Hyundai displayed a IONIQ autopilot electric vehicle in CES 2017, at the same time there is an IONIQ electric kick scooter, to help users solve the last mile of a trip.

IONIQ electric kick scooter is the best partner of electric vehicles, this electric kick scooter designed to work with the IONIQ electric vehicle, while not in usage it can be placed in the front door for charging. Of course, this also means that Hyundai may not sell this scooter separately , However this is just a concept product, more details have yet to be officially announced later.

hyundai ioniq electric scooter in open status

IONIQ electric kick scooter with folding design, so it is very convenient for portable. In addition, it equipped a headlight and tail light,and the digital instrument panel can show the real time speed, power and mileage. 12 miles per hour speed is quite enough for the urban shuttle , after all, it is a good choice for commuters.

hyundai ioniq folding electric kick scooter

Interestingly, the user can directly adjust the scooter speed through the “thumb switch”, such as sliding up means acceleration, decline to slow down or by pressing the plate brake on the rear wheel.

Unfortunately, Hyundai has not released maximum driving mileage of this electric kick scooter, listing date and price are unclear too.

Why the unicycle balance scooter will not fall down?

For the Chinese consumers, the first time to know about the electric balance scooter may dates back to the 2008 Olympic Games. At that time, the guards in the Olympic gym were riding on the electric balance scooter provided by American balance scooter manufacturer-Segway Inc, as a means of patrolling. But the balance scooter was the new darling attached with “military” and “import” etc tags, so many people stop looking at this new gadget, and self balance scooters are always cast a layer of mystery. Today we would like to explore the scientific principles behind the balance scooter with everyone.

The working principle of the unicycle (single wheel) balance scooter

Unicycle balance scooter

Why unicycle balance scooter will not fall down ?

On one hand it is due to people can adjust their body gravity and the balance scooter moving direction , the change of moving direction of the scooter will balance the gravity of the rollover moment due to inertia .There is also an important point is that high speed rotating wheel has a large angular momentum which can resist the external torque, same like the top does not fall. In university physics, this phenomenon is called precession, and the autobiographical body rotates the direction of the external moment by 90 degree,while here the wheel turns the rollover torque into the “steering torque”.

motor improve the scooter balance

On this basis, the self balancing electric unicycle scooter improved to be driven by the motor, use the gyroscopes and circuit board for controlling to ensure the scooter will not fall.The body can be tilted forward to start,speed is controlled by the degree of body tilt, If you want to speed up just lean forward, slow down during backward. Overing the active control, to ensure the normal working of single wheel balance scooter,the acceleration sensor and angular velocity sensor (gyroscope) can’t be separated.


The acceleration sensor can measure the acceleration caused by the gravitational force of the earth or the movement of the object,when measuring the acceleration value in one direction, we can compute the inclination of the scooter. For example, using acceleration signal in X axis, when the scooter is upright, acceleration will be fixed in X axis direction,and the output signal will be zero bias voltage signal. When the car is tilted, the acceleration of gravity g will form the acceleration component in the X axis direction, causing the output signal changes of the axis.But in the actual scooter running process, the acceleration signal produced by the motion of the balancing scooter itself will produce a large interference signal superimposed on the above mentioned measurement signal, so that the output signal can not accurately reflect the inclination of the true tilt angle. Therefore, the attitude information required for the upright control can not be completely obtained by acceleration sensor.

Angular speed sensor

Gyroscope can be used to measure the angular speed of the object. Balancing scooter installed with the gyroscope, you can measure the angular speed of the scooter, after integral processing on the angular speed signal,the scooter tilt can be obtained.

Core components of balance scooter

When it comes to balance,we have to talk about gyroscopes, the principle of gyroscopes is that the direction of the rotation axis of a rotating object will not change if do not affected by external forces.With this principle, something created to maintain direction was called gyroscope.It is also the principle when we riding a bike.


The quicker the wheels rotated the harder it can be fall down, because the axle has a level of power to maintain horizon. So once the unicycle balance scooter was running, it won’t fall down.

Review Of Feating Self Balancing Scooter

Review Of Feating Self Balancing Scooter

Self balancing scooters are type of device which has been growing in popularity a lot recently. They are the most recent buzz in the news, and a lot of people are becoming interested – including children and adults. They have also became a common tail end of jokes made by comedians and entertainers, which have been posting messages and videos about them. If you’d like to now where the Feating self balancing scooter ranks among others, simply read this review and you’ll learn more about the experience of riding this sort of scooter.

6.5 inch self balance hoverboard black white blue red golden color available


At the beginning, it’ll be a bit awkward to figure out how to ride a Feating self balancing scooter. Especially in case you haven’t tried a self balancing scooter before, it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit insecure using the device. It can be a bit troublesome to figure out how to get balanced, but of course, it’ll get a lot easier as you get more practice. Overall, after you’ve figure out how to maneuver and operate the scooter, it becomes much easier to get around in style. It’s a great alternative to walking, which takes you to places much faster and without getting tired.

The Feating self balancing scooter charges well when compared to other types of self balancing scooters. The charge lasts a while, and it doesn’t take too long to recharge. Charges tend to last at least seven whole hours, so you won’t have to spend much time recharging it over and over. Unless you zoom around on the scooter all day, its battery isn’t gonna end too quickly. It’s also really fun to ride, so a long charge will be able to entertain you and take you to places for some time. After charging, you won’t have to worry about draining the battery too quick or using it too much.

Another important positive aspect of this sort of scooter is that it’s really well known – nowadays, self balancing scooters aren’t seem as too much of a weird device – lot’s of people use them, so they are widely accepted. There are other varieties of self balancing scooters on the market, but this really gets you bang for your buck. A major reason for this is the fact it’s highly durable, meaning it won’t break down easily, guaranteeing you’ll get your money’s worth in the long run and saving you time and money you’d otherwise spend with maintenance along with repairs.

Feating Self Balancing Scooter-A New Way For Travel

Feating Self Balancing Scooter-A New Way For Travel

The Feating self balancing scooter is billed as the next step in the way people are going to travel, as it is like a segway with no handles. It is really a very sturdy set of wheels on a balance board, powered by an electric motor. The rider balances which way the Feating self balancing scooter turns, and also starts and stops by leaning.

travel with Feating self balancing electric scooter

It does take some practice to learn how to “drive” the scooter, as you point your left foot slightly down to turn right and you point your right foot slightly downward in order to turn left.

The originators of this really fun vehicle state that they are out to change the world as far as transportation is concerned. For suburban and urban travel, Feating Self balancing scooter is ideal. All you do is stand on it and off you go. You lean forward a bit and you go, you lean backwards and you stop.

The device looks like a skateboard with two wheels coming out at the sides, rather than front and back. Admittedly, it does take some practice to become proficient at riding Feating self balancing scooter, but once an individual gains skill at riding it, speeds of up to 12 kms per hour can be attained.

The idea is similar to that of the segway which has bigger wheels and a handle bar, but with Feating self balancing scooter, you steer, accelerate and stop by leaning.

Feating self balancing scooter comes with a lithium-ion 36v battery that will last close to 60 or 75 minutes before it needs charging, and with that kind of battery life, you can get pretty far along the path of anywhere you are going.

Seen as an answer for short term commuters, and for urban travel, the Feating self balancing scooter is gaining interest, if not outright popularity. The price tag is not expensive at 199-299$, Keep an eye on this innovative product, as it is picking up popular vibes already.